New Law Could Require Driver’s Handbook to Advise Drivers of Their Rights

As a criminal defense lawyer, I often wish that my clients had an opportunity to (properly) learn about their rights prior to contact with law enforcement. Many of us do not think ahead with regards to what we are required to do, or what we don’t have to do, upon being contacted by police. California is taking a step towards informing the public by proposing a bill, AB-2918, which would amend Vehicle Code 1656.3 and would require the inclusions of “Information regarding a person’s civil rights during a traffic stop. The information shall address the extent and limitations of a peace officer’s authority during a traffic stop and the legal rights of drivers and passengers, including, but not limited to, the right to file complaints against a peace officer.” In a LinkedIn post, I offer answers to FAQ when stopped for a suspected DUI, with the same goal in mind: to educate the public of their rights before needing to exercise them.

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